Posted by Pastor Farthing

There is a strange thing concerning backsliding. When someone walks out on the Lord they most often try to condemn someone else. Without exception I have seen people who have walked out of fellowship with God do this very thing. Genesis tells us Adam did by saying Eve was to blame, Eve blamed the snake, Aaron blamed the people when confronted about the molten image of the calf, yet in each one of these examples not one, until direct examination by God, admitted they had walked away, backslid, or sinned against God.

I do not see Adam asking Eve’s forgiveness for blaming her, nor do I see Aaron’s asking of forgiveness to the masses he used as an excuse as to why He did what he had done. However, what I do see is an example biblically of what walking away from God/ living in a backsliden state, making excuses does and will continue to do until God confronts it. I would simply say that if you have walked away from God/backslid, stop using someone else and or their actions as a reason, as an excuse for why you are and have walked away. When God confronts you, and He will if you are truly saved, then repent, let God restore the fellowship, and safeguard the backslide by staying in the word, focusing on what God chooses to show you in light of it, and pray, always pray.

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