February 15, 2012


Today we see a generation of people who never reach their potential spiritually for the Lord. ┬áThere are some reasons as to why this is, but one main reason could be summed up this way: ┬áPeople are not reaching their spiritual potential because of immaturity. Ecclesiastes 10:16Ecclesiastes 10:16English: King James Version (1611) – KJV16 Woe to thee, […]

January 18, 2012


What action must we take to have revival? The often quoted scripture in II Chronicles 7:14es 7:14English: King James Version (1611) – KJV14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. shall call: or, thou, O virgin, shalt call  WP-Bible plugin […]

January 16, 2012

Reclaiming Our Youth

How important are you children to you? If your child were lost what resources would you use to find them? Would your search be constant? Would your search be passionate? Our generation of youth have been deceived. ┬áDeceived by the technology, deceived by school, deceived by preachers, deceived by books and yes, deceived by parents. […]

December 22, 2011


Welcome to Hillcrest Baptist Church. We trust as you come to visit, you will find our church Christ centered with warm friendly people, and a place to call home! Our mission is the “Great Commission,” given by our Lord Jesus Christ in the book of Matthew 28:18-20Matthew 28:18-20English: King James Version (1611) – KJV18 And Jesus came […]

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